10 Surprising Uses for the Little ‘Ol Business Card

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One of the “tools of the trade” in the creative tool belt is “repurposing.” This simply means you are taking something that was created for one use and “repurpose” it for yet another. Take a peek at the board I started a board on Pinterest to show you some examples of what I mean.

Moving on… some artists will tell you that “original thoughts” are the only thoughts worth having. I hate to break it to you, but there’s nothing new under the sun. I love how the short video series, Everything is a Remix, drives this point home. Although I disagree with the author’s idea of the origin of life, there is some really juicy stuff to sink your teeth into.

Whether remixing or repurposing – the sooner you can accept the fact that inspiration is all around us, the sooner you’ll be making waves with your own spin on what you do.

Caveat: This DOES NOT mean you have permission to steal other people’s stuff. That’s called “infringement” and doing so can have unpleasant consequences – personally, professionally and potentially legally. Besides, it’s just not nice.

When it comes to your brand, YOU are the key to making what you do original and swoon-worthy. It is YOUR voice, YOUR style, YOUR unique abilities and talents that make YOUR brand worth paying attention to. YOU are the essence of your brand.

I believe that as a creative entrepreneur, YOU hold the keys to positioning your brand using your unique attributes and voice. A little guidance in the right direction and you can really make your brand worth talking about. All it takes is a willingness to think outside of the box.Take the tired old business card, for example. One of my favorite printers recently sent me an email containing 10 ways you can repurpose the business card format. There are so many things you can do with this format.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

  1. Pocket sized billboards: Inspirational messages people can carry around
  2. Coupons
  3. Loyalty cards/punch cards
  4. Save the date cards/RSVP
  5. Sports calendars
  6. Hang-tags, clothing tags, product description cards
  7. Emergency contact cards
  8. Flash cards/ Playing cards
  9. Cheat sheet/quick reference card
  10. Local mini map card

With a little ingenuity and thoughtfulness, you can repurpose the business card format to make something completely unique that works for you. Can you think of any other ideas? Post them below in the comments section.

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  1. Very cool, Virginia. Thanks for sharing that tip.

  2. I use my Moo business cards as a mini-portfolio (you can upload over 50 images). I let people pick the design they most resonate with (“Pick a card, any card”). Instead of a generic or one logo card they will pick a card/image that generates some feeling for them, and it may drive them back to me.