Bubblegum and Business

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Chewing gumNote: As women, we are often accused of taking on MORE responsibility than we can handle, suffering all manner of side-effects from the ensuing burnout. In the proceeding article, I am not encouraging you to take on more than you can handle – things that really aren’t your responsibility or that you don’t need to take on. Rather, I’m encouraging you to take on those things that scare you. The things you KNOW will help you reach your goals, but you just can’t seem to get out of your own way to try.


From the time I can remember, I always only ate 1/2 stick of gum at a time. My mother raised us this way. A pack of gum would go a LOT further if we only ate 1/2 stick at a time. My mouth was very used to this quantity of gum and it didn’t bother me in the least.

Until about 15 years ago when I decided to (gasp) try a WHOLE piece of gum. WOW! My mouth was happy and it didn’t take long for me to get used to that quantity of gum. If I had less, it seemed like too little and if I had more, it felt like too much.

Then, I upped the anti again and, in an act of what I’m sure was silly rebellion, decided to try 2 PIECES of gum. And that became my norm. Now, 1 piece seems like too little and 1/2 piece feels like WAAAAAAY too little. My mouth has adjusted and it feels like the “right” quantity.

While this is a admittedly an overly simplified example (chewing gum is VERY LOW on the risk-rewards scale), I think it helps us draw the conclusion, nonetheless: our capacity to grow expands only when we try and put more in.

It always feels strange and uncomfortable to change or add more in an area we aren’t sure will work out. The risk is that it will be TOO MUCH and we’ll either fail or burn out.

But, the rewards can be great if we stick it out. And, if practiced and done enough times, what used to feel uncomfortable will begin to feel like the new norm – until we’re ready to expand yet again.

This principle goes for anything from training for a 1/2 marathon (still on my to-do list), adding new services to your business, raising your prices, changing your diet or adding another child to your family.

What is your “next piece of gum?” What do you need to try in order to grow and expand in your business or another area of your life? Trust that YOU WILL figure it out. YOU WILL expand to meet the challenges and the needs of your new situation. Success is just “one stick” away.



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