How to be Successful in a “Program”

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small__287666827The year was 2005. We had just purchased our first home in Southern California. Business was going well and for the first time in years, I felt ready to tackle my life-long “battle of the bulge.”

As they say, when you’re ready, the teacher appears. I prayed and put out the good ju-ju vibes. Seemingly out of nowhere, a “Lifestyle Consultant” materialized.

At the time, he was everything I was looking for. He believed in me. He had a plan that included a “maintenance phase” at the end. I wouldn’t have to live like this forever, he assured me. Just get where I wanted to be and we would figure it out from there.

So together, we devised a customized plan of action based on (can you guess?) a regimented exercise routine and a restrictive food plan with 1 “free day” a week thrown in for good measure. I was bound and determined to be a success – HIS successful “super star client.”

And then, I got to work!

A good portion of our Sundays were reserved for food prep – generally a grill-full of chicken breast and ingredients for protein shakes stashed away in the pantry. I attended networking events with my (bland and boring) meals of chicken breast and broccoli in tow. I committed to the gym 6 days a week. I checked in with my consultant once a week on my progress.

To his credit, I was not hungry. I got stronger. Each week I stepped on the scale, I rejoiced at the 1-2 lb. drop in excess fluff. Within 5 months, I had dropped 35 lbs. and gained a whole lot of muscle. Thin and in the best shape of my adult life, I basked in the glory of compliments and loved my new figure.

Then it happened.

It was around month 9 or 10. I was still getting stronger, but was plateauing on my weight loss. I looked great and was about where I needed to be for my height.

So I began to question my consultant about the next frontier. What did this holy grail of “maintenance” look like? When could I quit being so restricted and start living again?

After several conversations, I discovered, he had NO MAINTENANCE PLAN moving forward! His “plan” was that I would be so happy with my new figure when I reached my potential that I would have NO DESIRE to go back to my old ways.

Ultimately, it boiled down to the lifestyle I let him craft was not sustainable long-term FOR ME.

The lesson? Besides an unwavering commitment to myself and my success, any program I take part in must set me up to succeed – whatever success looks like to me. More on that in a minute.

There are all sorts of parallels I could make to daily life, but let’s talk about business for a minute.

There are tons of people out there who promise that if you do “this one thing,” or follow “this $10k program,” you will be an instant success. There are lots of glitzy events you can attend where you walk away feeling like crap because you “didn’t believe in yourself enough” to “invest” in a $3k home study course or spend the big bucks (sometimes $100k +) for a personal VIP day with a “guru” in your field.

Yes! Without a doubt, some people are VERY successful in these programs. Some people DO make the money and achieve the lifestyle they want. What we fail to realize is that their success may look very different from your own. Your path may take longer – or less time. It just depends.

I believe there are several things that sets these successful people apart.

First, they are ready. They have dug deep and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt in their GUT, what they are working so hard for. They are working from their intuition in that deep place of knowing. They’re not looking for approval from everyone on the outside to validate their success.

Second, they have an unwavering commitment to building things THEIR WAY – even within the framework of a program, course or coaching relationship. They understand that programs are not “one size fits all.” There are SOME things you need to know and do to master your success. Absolutely. But, a good, sustainable program will have a framework that allows you to adjust to your individual needs and circumstances with built-in, customized rewards along the way.

Third, often times, there is a built-in community of supportive individuals traveling the same path. People to communicate with and bounce ideas off of. People committed to their own success and willing to share their hard-earned knowledge about what it takes. People who will support you when you have a bad day and, instead of getting jealous, cheer you on when you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor.


My vision for the next phase of BRANDvolution™ includes the framework, tools and built-in community you need to build a successful, sustainable brand.

It’s not a “one-size fits all” kind of program. There’s plenty of room for customization and self-expression. There’s space for you to grow at your own pace. As with all programs, some pieces will resonate with you and others will work better for others.

While I can’t promise you “$30k in 30 days” as a direct result of your brand, I can promise that with my guidance, your consistent action, commitment to yourself and the wisdom of the collective, you will realize your OWN version of success. And I’ll be cheering for you every step of the way!

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