Letting Go of the Ropes

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LET_GOYears ago, I met with a potential client at a Starbucks in my then-hometown in Southern California. He was a star multi-tasker – or so he told me. He had so many things going on at one time, so many balls in the air. He was a mover and a shaker.

I was impressed, if not a little intimidated, by his claims. Possibly sensing how impressed I was, he proceeded to tell me all about his multi-tasking abilities – in the car. Mind you, this was before the age of smart phones. Wifi was relatively new and hot-spots (the little contraption you can use to get wifi on your laptop) smacked of the “cool factor.”
So anyway, this guy proceeds to tell me that he can multi-task ON HIS LAPTOP in his car. He can talk on the phone, drive AND be on his laptop emailing clients at the same time. (Apparently, law enforcement didn’t foresee this one.)
I went home and told my husband about this man’s “incredible talent.” I wish I could remember exactly what he said, but knowing my husband, I’m sure it was something like “what a dumbass.” Obviously, this man was so addicted to his technology that he was willing to put himself AND other motorists in danger in efforts to be “cool” and “on top of it.”
Fast forward to today. I recently met with my business mentor, Jennifer Lee of The Right-Brain Business Plan®. I have a really big message and movement I’ve wanted to bring into the world for years. It’s taken many shapes and forms (remember the days of “Red Dress Marketing?” and “The Fruition Branding System?”). Yet, while it’s been forming, I haven’t been able to commit and bring it to life. And I haven’t been able to figure out why.
Jenn reminded me of a sequence in the most recent Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, where the character, Bruce Wayne, is imprisoned in a pit deep in the earth. The daylight is visible in the center and, like those before him, he tries to escape many times with ropes tied to his waste. Each time, he fails miserably and falls to the bottom of the pit tethered by the rope.

Until one day.

One day, he decides he has nothing more to lose. He is going to try an amazing escape that no one has tried before. He’s going to climb out of the pit WITHOUT the assistance of any ropes. Instead, he’s going to free climb and when he comes to the extremely difficult chasms where the rope would be very helpful, he’s going to JUMP instead.
You can guess what happens next. Not only does his crazy plan work, he becomes a legend in the process. By letting go of the ropes. You can see the entire sequence below, but the last few minutes are the best.
Back to the guy on the laptop in his car. I wouldn’t be surprised if he experienced an accident or two with his eyes – and brain – averted from the road in front of him. (Kinda’ what we do on smartphones now, but somehow we don’t think it’s dangerous…)
Here’s the thing: we all have “ropes” that keep us safe. We all have times when we aren’t focused on the road ahead, and, instead focus on all the other “stuff” that we think is the answer to making us more popular and successful.
Jenn challenged me to let go of my ropes. My ropes have been what I have done in the past – successfully and not-so-successfully. They tether me to services and offerings that do not serve where I am now or where I want to go. They bind me to ways I think I SHOULD do things (because they work for others) and keep my eyes averted from MY path ahead.

Today is the day I say “no more.” I’m coming out of that pit WITHOUT my ropes saying I’m starting a BRANDvolution™.

If you’ve been in business for more than a year doing what you’re passionate about, YOU have everything you need to create an effective brand. I’m giving you permission to let go of the ropes of the past and focus on the road ahead. It’s time to get off the treadmill of sameness, step it up and claim your unique gifts in the world so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.
I have to warn you: the terrain is uncertain. The path isn’t necessarily linear, but together, we’re going to get there. It’s going to be an amazing ride. Are you with me?



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  1. Wow! Just seeing all these fantastic comments! Glad it hit home for so many of you.

  2. I’m with you, Tammi. I sooo needed to read this today. I’ve been dragging my feet over the launch of my law firm, trying to play it safe. And somehow, in the middle of your post, I realized all I needed to do was take the first step. There is never a perfect time to jump, so just jump.

    Thank you. I hope we can meet in person someday soon.