Outsourcing when You Don’t have a Budget

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PIED_PIPERAs I write this post, I have been lost in “coding hell” for the past 3 hours. That’s 3 hours I was SUPPOSED to be reaching out to my peeps and doing the things that bring me closer to my goals in my business. NOT trying to figure out how to integrate Mailchimp so it looks as beautiful as Melanie Duncan’s website (she has an “About Page” I’m extremely envious of).

This gets me to thinking about the worth of my time. It may SEEM like I’m saving money when I spend my own time on something outside of my strengths. I’m not giving someone else actual money, after all.

This is a big, fat lie!

Each and every single time I do something for my business that is NOT my strength or I don’t enjoy, I am actually “paying” the invisible pied piper of time. I will never get that time back, nor am I any closer to my goals. I end up feeling defeated and depressed, my energy drained by the tasks that fail to fuel me.*

But what if your business isn’t bringing in enough money to cover “help?”

I COMPLETELY understand when you first start out, you are trying to do everything yourself. For now, I’m just asking you to take a look at where you’re energy-sucks are and write down what type of person you might hire to do those tasks. A virtual assistant, a bookkeeper, a web developer – whoever you need on your support team to help you focus on your best work.

Jennifer Lee has a really fun worksheet that helps you do just this. It’s called “Corralling Your Creative Cohorts” and you can pick up on her website HERE. Sign up in the box for the “free playsheets from the book” and it will be delivered to you lickity-split!

Of course, there are sites like Fiverr and O-Desk. And I find your social media friends will be more than willing to recommend their resources.

In the meantime, if you know of a wonderful, easy-to-work-with web developer, a fabulous, down-to-earth bookkeeper or a reliable, hyper-organized virtual assistant, I might want to know about them. :-)

*On the flipside, there are things I really DO enjoy that don’t SEEM to bring me closer to my goals. For example, when I take time out to do crafts like card-making, I’m not necessarily doing something that brings me revenue. However, it helps fuel my creativity which is one of my forms of DISCOVERY in the BRANDvolution™ process. You can check out Starting Your BRANDvolution™ here. The next BRANDvolution™ Retreat is Friday, May 31st.



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  1. Great post Tammi. I rest easier knowing I don’t have to do it all alone.