Stepping into Your Greatness

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Step into Your Greatness!The music was blaring from the stage. She swayed to and fro, her little hips gently moving in sync with the music. The look of bliss on her tiny face was undeniable. She was in heaven! Every fiber of her being yearned for more melodious beats.

So when the singer on stage asked for the children to come up for “Kids Karaoke,” it was no surprise she shot up like a rocket, her little legs pumping to be the FIRST on stage, front and center, the mic closest to her eager mouth.

The song was “Shake, Rattle & Roll” and boy, did she! Every time the chorus of children broke into song, she was the loudest and proudest. With an intense furrow of her brow, she belted “Shake, Rattle & Roll!” at the top of her lungs, unabashed, shameless. While the other children posed shyly for their parent’s amusement, “Little One” acted as if she were the only one on stage and we were there to see her perform instead of the band.

As I watched the spectacle unfold before me, I wondered at her courage. At what of the game do so many of us lose that spark? We’re born with a gift that is only ours to share. Yet, somewhere along our journey, we start becoming fearful. We look to others for approval and when they don’t give it to us, we often shrink back, forgetting the gift is perfect. It’s like we’re performing for jazz fans when we are country artists.

So our gift gets buried beneath expectations – and even things we’re good at, but don’t make our hearts sing.

Until, one day, often in middle age, we remember.

We return to ourselves and remember what it was like to sing and dance with no thought to how we looked to others.

Or paint until bedtime, not concerned whether it was “good enough,” knowing it would go up on the fridge regardless.

Or share our vast knowledge of dinosaurs and sea creatures with such enthusiasm, we couldn’t help but make fans out of all our friends.

Or write wildly imaginative stories that make people smile and some people cry.

YOU, my friend, have a gift. The experience you create for your clients should reflect that. This is your brand. It is multi-layered, multi-faceted, ever-changing and evolving as you surely grow and change, but it is your gift to share.

The more you boldly share your gifts, the more connected you become to your “right” people – just like the little girl at the concert who stole my heart with her bold display of song and dance. To some, she may have been annoying, but to me she was a perfect reminder to embrace my gifts. And I encourage you to do the same.

Next week, I am bringing one of the most powerful exercises I know to reveal your unique brand experience. But, only to MY “right people” who are ready to step outside of the “traditional” process and definition of branding and gracefully step out in their uniqueness. I’m keeping this first virtual event very affordable so it’s a no-brainer if it’s the right thing for you. You can check out the details here.

It’s time to start your BRANDvolution™! Are you ready?



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