The Gift of Smaller Events

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The day had finally come. I was to lead my 4th Right-Brain Business Plan® workshop at my friend’s body work studio in Redwood City. The date had been set for over a month. I had done all the “right” things. I talked about it with my networking groups. I passed out flyers. I invited people I knew were interested. I pored myself into the material so I knew it like the back of my hand. I even gave a 1-hr. talk to give my peeps a “taste” of the Right-Brain Business Plan®.

Despite my best efforts, I had landed “only” 4 seats out of a possible 8 and, to be frank, I was discouraged. Obviously, my hard work had not paid off.

However, I had 4 people. So I determined we were going to be “small and mighty.” I decided that whoever was there was who was MEANT to be there. And I pressed forward, showed up fully and gave it my all.

Rebecca RBBP

Rebecca looks for the perfect images for her collage.

As the four beautiful souls in the room shared their hearts and business/life journeys, something exciting began to happen. Big “ah-ha’s” that changed the course of their businesses. The coming together of the minds as we tackled issues such as “Who IS my ideal client?” And “How will I reach them? What is the purpose of my business? Who am I here to serve?” And “Wow! This IS possible! I CAN do this business in a way that I LOVE – AND make good money doing it!”

Rebecca Plan

A beautiful example of a Right-Brain Business Plan®.

And then there was what I got out of the experience. I got to experience myself as an empowered leader, intuitively guiding them through the material and navigating the energy in the room. I received into my heart the affirmation from several participants that my gift is providing an environment where people feel safe sharing and allowing their creative gifts to shine through. Big “ah-ha’s” are the norm – not the exception – at a “Tammi Spruill” event.

Workshop Ladies

Left to Right: Kiran, Katie, Linda and Rebecca

I left the event completely and utterly exhausted, but also invigorated and energized to keep doing my work. Here’s an excerpt of a note I left to a few colleagues:

(After explaining the challenges mentioned above.) “…If I had followed through on how I FELT about doing the workshop, it wouldn’t have happened and I would have missed the blessing of feeling empowered and affirmed for what I do WELL and how I serve best in this world.


…I wanted to give some encouragement to those of you who might be in a place where your workshops aren’t filling or you’re feeling discouraged for whatever reason. You are NOT alone and we NEED you to find the courage to do your work with excellence.


Whether you believe in God or not, there is a force that wants you to succeed so grasp this truth tightly: Blessings will come to you upon your courageous action.

This month celebrates 10 years I’ve been full-time on the business journey. There have been many highs and lows. So much learning and transformation. You will be seeing some changes around here marking this milestone. I am letting go of certain services and ideas in favor of ones that are going to serve both of us better. I’m dedicated to guiding you to realize big “ah-ha’s” in your business and life. It’s going to be an exciting 2013! And I want to thank you for coming along with me on the journey.



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  1. Thanks for the support, Virginia. It was fun, Stephanie. And I’m glad I could be of some encouragement to you, Merideth.